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 Time for truth telling, here are some things you American bipeds need to know just now:

Charles Wade one of the BLM leaders, and since Ferguson the public face of the organization was invited recently to a movie screening at the White House by President Obama. Wade was also arrested for human trafficking of a 17 year old girl. Human Trafficking and prostituting a 17-year-old girl. According to the linked article we was arrested April 25, 2016 in College Park Maryland and charged with 7 Counts including felonies for human trafficking. He bailed out on April 17, 2016 and has not yet been tried. Apparently for Wade only some black lives matter, not his sex slaves of course. Being held against one's will, being bought and sold , most people would equate that with slavery, hell it is slavery by definition. 

 Many black people wonder, particularly after the endorsement by President Obama of BLM , misusing a memorial for slain law enforcement officers as a podium; why so many on the Internet are calling BLM a "terrorist organization". African Americans are disheartened by the declaration of BLM as a terrorist organization by some governments (most recently Russia) .  But consider a movement led by a slave trader, promoting violence against whites and police officers. Sounds racists and terror orientated to most sane people. Also consider the selective with holding of information by BLM as aided and abetted by the national media and the Obama administration. No exculpatory evidence relevant to the police in either shooting is ever aired. But consider:

1. The decedents in both cases were stopped for probable cause. In Baton Rouge police were responding to a citizen complaint of an armed man. In Michigan the vehicle was stopped for a routine traffic violation. The officers were not profiling the decedents they were doing their duty based on probable cause.  These are simple facts which will make any finding of conspiracy to violate rights almost impossible to up hold. By not permitting these facts to be made known to the public, particularly the African American community, animosity will build up for the day when the officers are surely exonerated of any civil rights denial conspiracy.  This is a propaganda tactic of the Marxist for fomenting unrest. 

2. Both of the decedents had guns. In Baton Rouge the decedent was in illegal possession of the gun, was previously convicted of illegal gun possession charges, and resisting arrest, was a three time registered sex offender. He resisted arrest. In Michigan the decedent driver had his lawfully possessed gun on his lap, but did not obey the officers instruction to NOT MOVE. Skin color is highly unlikely as a motive for police action in these cases. Most police officers of any race would have had their eyes on one thing, the guns and their situational awareness would have been laser focused on only one other thing, the movements of the suspect's hands towards those guns. Given just these facts, if the two decedents had been white they would be just as dead. Moreover, the responding officers would just about now be finishing a departmental review on their use of force and being assigned temporary desk duty before being returned to service after some trauma counseling.

3. In the Baton Rouge case one of the early I phone videos shows the officers and the decedent on the ground struggling and a voice can be clearly heard yelling in an alarmed tone "he going for the gun", immediately after that the fatal shot can be heard. 

 There will of course be a lot of posturing and propaganda by BLM, but the exoneration of these officers works towards their agenda if their prep work for unrest and race war is allowed to stand. By suppressing the exculpatory evidence, with the collusion of the liberal national media and the Obama administration, disappointment and anger over the eventual verdict is assured. In addition to the exclusion of the exculpatory evidence in the public descriptions of events the BLM with the willing collusion of the national media has portrayed the Baton Rouge decedent as some kind of exemplary citizen, vice a registered sex offender and convicted gun offender. Rather, he is most often described as a "FATHER OF FIVE". Yes he did have five children, but not by the same mothers, he married no one. 

America, particularly Black America, you've been snowed by a slave trading Marxist / Muslim coalition. Will America burn because of the gullibility of the less economically advantaged segments of the Black community ? Will race relations be set back 200 years because of lies told by a Black sex slaver? It doesn't look good, the previously well respected NAACP appears to be taking the side of the BLM. Given the caliber of the lawyers the NAACP had in the past you would think there were enough analytic and dispassionate minds in that organization to see through the propaganda war of the BLM. One would hope that the NAACP would be out explaining the truth and calming the situation. Those who only see "justice" as a murder conviction against the involved policemen have to ignore the real facts to hold that emotional position, exactly the emotional state that the BLM is manipulating segments of the Black community into. The biggest problem we face as a nation is that a terrorist organization like the BLM has the support of our President and the national media, truth be damned. 

 There is simply too much exculpatory evidence for the mad men to get the verdict they demand. The Democrats and the their pals in the national media are far along in the propaganda war and they know exactly what they are doing.  The people who don't want to see America burning and divided have only what's left of open forums on the Internet to combat this Marxist style great lie. We are in a war, truth is always the first casualty. Lives are already lost. Its going to get worse. The biggest losers if it comes to race wars will be middle class and wealthy black Americans. Their hard earned integration into the good life of the educated, and professional classes of America will end in burning shops as Ferguson like conditions spread nation wide fanned by the propaganda of the BLM, Obama, and the Media. Will the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King end in flames? It appears up to the African American community itself to decide. Accept the truth, or act on the lies. If you act on the lies and burn America expect to be left on your own to try and rise out of the ashes. The other 88 % of America will go on, injured to be sure, but too angry, and too broke to restore you. Only a return to the way of Dr. King can save what has been won. Who will lead the way? Not a white America whose good will is denied by the BLM and its propaganda machine. Not a white America that is being daily threatened with "no justice (meaning highly unlikely convictions based on the actual evidence) no peace". Not Asian America focused down and working on improving their lot. Not Hispanic America also focused on making progress and fighting stereotypes. Its up to Black America to decide ....will you let a certain segment of your population burn America over lies and propaganda by a black Marxist slave trader, or decide to preserve the progress since the 1960s? What progress you say? Ask yourself this, from the President of the United States to the Chiefs of Police involved in this controversy aren't the majority of the key actors black? What will Black progress look like in say 2050, if black mobs burn America? Who will be standing in the ash heap and who will be buried in it. Do the math. Shout down the BLM.

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